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The team

Meet the Immortal Leadership team and our Advisors and Partners.



Peter "Payhuan" Shiao

Founder, Creator, CEO

Peter is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, leading Immortal Studios in creating a new story universe to awaken the hero within everyone and defining a new business model centered around direct user engagement. Peter has a decades long career leading innovative entertainment and media ventures between the East and West, and has been active in empowering underserved communities.


Peter’s favorite past time as a boy was reading Chinese Wuxia novels (many of them written by his father Shiao Yi who is an accomplished author in the genre), and drawing these martial heroes he read about. Because of these stories, he aspired to be a modern day Xia, the transcendent martial Knight who mastered themselves, and stood for righteousness and justice in a world of great stakes, poetry, romance and consequence. Peter pivoted from politics to a new career in media as a means of expressing his mission for social transformation through stories. He feels incredibly blessed to come full circle back to his original love with Immortal. In his own words.

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Hank Kanalz 

Head of Publishing

Hank Kanalz has over 35 years of experience in the comics and entertainment industry. He’s worked at WarnerMedia and DC for 25 years, most recently as Senior Vice President of Publishing Strategy & Support Services for DC. Hank developed comprehensive content plans for both print and digital publishing across DC’s imprints, and oversaw DC’s talent services, marketing, sales, publicity, and creative services departments.


Hank was first approached to join Immortal’s Advisory Board. After immersing himself in the team’s vision and goals, he signed on to lead their publishing efforts, aligning with the mission to unlock the hero inside everyone.

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Bob Harras


Bob Harras is the only individual who has been editor-in-chief of both DC and Marvel Comics. At Marvel, Bob spearheaded best-selling titles such as X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Deadpool, and his writing credits include the Avengers, Namor, and the limited series Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. For over a decade at DC he oversaw editorial for all comics including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. He also headed MAD Magazine, Black Label, and Vertigo publications, as well as spearheading DC's first YA and Middle Grade line of publications. Bob currently resides in New Jersey.

tomas jegeus 2.jpg

Tomas Jegeus

Immortal Motion Picture Group

Tomas is a film and entertainment executive with experience in marketing, distributing, and producing content worldwide. A native Swede, he has lived and worked in Stockholm, London, and Hong Kong, and is currently based in Los Angeles. As Co-President of Global Marketing and Distribution at 20th Century Fox, he was in charge of the release of Avatar, Titanic, X-Men, Ice Age, Life of Pi, and more; most recently, he served as President of Fox International Productions. He was immediately drawn to Payhuan's vision for Immortal, and believes it will change the world. Tomas' hobby is composing, recording, and producing ambient electronic music, and he has released three albums on Spotify.


Dominik Foldi

Web3 Product

Dominik Foldi is an entrepreneur and product leader who has always been at the cutting edge of technology. Trained as a software engineer and developer, he co-founded two startups in real estate, and health and fitness. He is currently the CEO of Bloxa Studio, an international Web3 and Metaverse development agency, and joined Immortal Studios in his role of Web3 Product Advisor. Dominik is deeply enthusiastic about how these technologies can make our digital interactions more immersive, and his goal is to help the team create a product that is engaging, fun, community centric, and sustainable long-term.

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Gene Ching

Martial Arts Editor & Action Choreographer

Gene Ching is a 32nd generation layman disciple of the Shaolin Temple, a certified Provost at Arms in fencing through ROTC and SJSU Human Performance, and is part of the Programs Committee for the Chinese Historical Society of America. He is also the publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi, the largest newsstand magazine dedicated exclusively to Chinese martial arts, as well as a staff writer for YMAA Publication Center, and a regular contributor to Den of Geek and UNESCO IM. He joined Immortal Studios after meeting Payhuan at the Shaolin Summit, and sees Immortal Studios as the perfect vehicle to help him bring Shaolin to the west. In his spare time, Gene does volunteer work in drug harm prevention, both in crises situations and as a speaker at schools.

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Skip Kelly

Company Storyteller

Skip's whole life was transformed through watching Naruto once a week for the entirety of his childhood. It has always been a dream of his to create the next generation's stories that could inspire humanity, so contributing to Immortal Studios is a dream come true. Skip is a master storyteller, media and marketing strategist, and a  super-fan of Fa Sheng.


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Robert Wu

Senior Financial Advisor

Robert advises the company on its fund raising and other financial and corporate matters.  He has extensive finance experience including investment banking, private equity, and corporate advisory with major institutions like Chase, Prudential, Oppenheimer, and UBS.  He has also been CFO of several media start-ups including Orb Media Group, Inc.  As a modern Taoist teacher and author of the book “So Now So Tao: A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth”,  he is an advocate of the underlying Wuxia philosophy.  He strongly believes that there is a hero in everyone—it just needs to be brought out. 



Immortal is proud to have an amazing group of advisors and appreciative of their expertise and support.


Sam Ades - Award-winning digital strategist and brand building executive with experience at Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

Adam Breivis - Digital Producer for Disney and NBC. Transmedia marketer. ARG and mobile game content developer.

Arthur Chan - Award winning brand builder and marketer - co-founder of FC&A, clients include all major Hollywood studios and indies.

Benjamin Chang - Serial entrepreneur, technologist, CEO of Skale Education.


Bernard Chang - Leading Marvel & DC artist and former Disney Imagineer.


Sandy Climan – President of Entertainment Media Ventures, founding Head of CAA’s corporate representation practice.


Lindsay Conner - Attorney and chair of the entertainment practice at Manatt, Phelps and Philipps.


Mike Corrigan - Corporate strategist, former head of entertainment and media at Pricewaterhouse and CFO of MGM Pictures.


Dan Dingh – Co-Founder and CEO of TSM.


Andre Fonseca - Digital marketer/co-founder of FC&A. As former VP, Digital for Disney oversaw major Disney titles including Marvel and Pixar.

Rafe Fogel - Media and content investor. Investor/board members in Legendary Pictures. Village Roadshow. and Studio Canal.

Jack Gao - CEO of Smart Cinema, past International CEO of Wanda, Head of News Corp and Microsoft in China.

Jeff Gomez – CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment.


Gordon Ho - Former Chief Marketing Officer of Princes Cruises and Executive Vice President at Walt Disney Studios. - 

Matt Leaf – Former Co-Head of Motion Pictures Business Affairs at CAA.


Lilly Lee - Master calligrapher, lettering designer, uber connector.


Patrick Lee - Founder and former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes.


Stu Levy - Founder of TokyoPop, vanguard content company that established the market for Japanese manga in North America.

Justin KJ Lin - General manager of Tencent's Fanbyte, Chief Strategy Officer of Firefly Web Games.

Benny Luo - Founder/CEO of Next Shark, largest Asian and Asian American news & information portal in market today.

Rachel McAllister - Head of MPRM Communications, whose clients have included Disney, Netflix, and Skybound.

Andrew Ooi - Global Asian talent manager and producer. CEO of Echelon management.


Jack Pan - Leading theatrical and direct to consumer marketing executive at Disney, Summit, STX, and Global Road.

Rick Porras - Co-Producer for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy; New media storytelling consultant for Video for Sony.

Steven Ray - Music, film, connected technologies executive and executive producer.


Charlie Stickney - Independent comics maven, co-publisher of Scout Comics, creator of White Ash.


Mike Tankel - Leading marketing and engagement strategist, who works with brands to deliver memorable and sticky brand solutions.

Rizwan Virk – Head of MIT Game Lab and Author of the Simulation Hypothesis.


Michael Vorhaus - Digital, gaming, and new media expert with 25 years experience building a consulting and research practice at Magid before starting Vorhaus Advisors.

Thomas Vu – Head of Franchise Development at Riot Games.


Andrew Walters - CSO for RSVD, Former Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at MGM.


Bill Wong – Principal, Bill Wong LLC. Former Chief of Staff to California State Legislature and California State Assembly.


Brian Wong – Chairman of Radii and former Group VP of Alibaba.



Immortal Studios is proud to have strategic partnerships with industry leaders that support our Storyverse and our Mission

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