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What is Wuxia?


Wǔxiá is the name given to the thousand year old literary tradition that encompasses Chinese martial arts, philosophy, virtue, history, romance, poetry and legends.


Stylized and fantastic Kung Fu combat is a major component of this genre. It is symbolized by the word Wu (martial) and is grounded by the word Xia (knight errant-hero). Wǔxiá speaks to the aspiration of the genre toward virtue and compassion exemplified by those who live by this tradition.

It is the realm of the outsider, the wandering hero, who is compelled by circumstance to stand against injustice and champion the common person.

Contemporary pop culture influenced by Wuxia

john wick 1.jpg

John Wick


Crouching tiger hidden dragon

Immortal Studios Favourite Wuxia Movies

The Shaolin Phoenix

What is the Importance of Wuxia?

Aside from being one the world’s oldest and most popular story genres that is deeply integral to Chinese culture itself, Wǔxiá is an ode to a noble archetype of the 俠 Xia.


Xia is the selfless warrior-hero who has first mastered self, and then standing up for justice through action that transcends cultures. This is evocative of a deep desire we all have for heroism, mastery, adventure, meaning, service and victory in our own lives.


For Immortal, Wuxia offers a resonant calling for our time and generation where meaning is missing from much of our popular entertainment.

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