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PETER SHIAO  Founder and CEO

Peter is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, leading Immortal Studios in creating a new story universe to awaken the hero within everyone and defining a new business model centered around direct user engagement. Peter has a decades long career leading innovative entertainment and media ventures between the East and West, and has been active in empowering underserved communities.


In His Own Words 


Reading Wuxia novels was my favorite past time growing up. In that ancient and mystical world of martial heroes’ journeys, I discovered a reality that inspired and excited me. Through them I discovered the possibility of greatness and freedom born from self-empowerment and connecting to Spirit. Even now, many years later, those feelings are still with me – in fact, they’ve only grown stronger.


We are all living during a challenging time, and the enormity of the tasks and difficulties at hand can feel dispiriting and overwhelming. These are also EXACTLY the backdrop for the emergence of heroes. I believe that stories can be an ignition to help us meet the challenges of our lives with courage and grace – and that Wuxia, and its heroes of all sizes, shapes and colors -- are its vanguard.


In re-awakening my own hero to create a modern and elevated home for this timeless genre, we hope to awaken – and unleash – yours too. Here, I also dedicate Immortal to the memory of my father, who awakened my hero. 

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