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Shiao Yi is one of the foremost authors in the Wuxia genre. His work is recognized by millions for its impact on Chinese culture and has been adapted into film & television. Shiao Yi is the first Asian author to have a permanent collection at UCLA and he has been inducted into the Contemporary Writer's Museum in Beijing.

Shiao Yi


Shiao Yi (simplified Chinese: 萧逸; traditional Chinese: 蕭逸; pinyin: Xiāo Yì; 4 June 1936 – 19 November 2018) was a Chinese American Wuxia ("martial hero") novelist. and screenwriter who is considered one of the greatest of the genre in the modern era.  


Shiao Yi was also the founder and first chairman of the Chinese Writers' Association of North America.Shiao Yi's Wuxia novels are known for their emphasis on traditional Chinese culture and ethics, the arechetype of the Xia (hero), understanding of Taoist philosophy, exquisite sensitivity of romance and human emotions as well as a wide variety of writing styles.  Having written 55 novels and novellas as well as nearly 1,000 essays in the course of his life, Shiao Yi is one of the most successful and prolific Chinese writers to date.  He is considered a new school Wuxia novelist and is also one of the pioneers of the modern xianxia ("immortal heroes") sub-genre.

Twenty of his works have been adapted for film and hundreds of hours of television, influencing the East Asian cultural spheres and the Chinese diaspora.

Shiao Yi is often mentioned alongside Jin Yong in the phrase "Nan Jin Bei Shiao" (Chinese: 南金北蕭; lit.: 'Jin of the south and Shiao of the north'), and as one of the Five Tigers of the Taiwanese Wuxia Scene (Chinese: 台灣武俠界五虎上將) together with Gu Long, Wolong Sheng, Sima Ling, and Zhuge Qingyun.

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