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The Immortal Storyverse (TIS) is an inter-connected universe of characters and stories that bringtogether all the wide-ranging influences and inspirations of the Wuxia genre, from Kung Fu to Immortals in one world.

TIS is adapted from the library of Chinese Wuxia legend Shiao Yi’s 60+ previously published titles along with contributions from other Immortal creators. All our stories will be published as comics and graphic novels first before considering other venues to further the stories.


Key Tenets inclues:

There Are No Radioactive Spiders

In our world, everyone has the potential to develop heroic powers because ability comes from self cultivation and mastery. Everybody is the One in our world.

Embracing the Ancient Future 

Immortal contemporizes the Eastern martial hero tradition, setting our stories in modern times amongst today’s social, political, and cultural contexts.

Transformative Journies

Wuxia is a transformational genre, and Immortal remains authentic to its traditions of empowerment, self-discovery, elevation and connection with the world around us.

Welcoming Believers, Purists and Neophytes

Immortal embraces the deep historical, cultural, spiritual roots of the genre that has spanned 5000 years and is singularly focused on its continuation onto the world.

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