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An original content studio with an INTERCONNECTED STORY UNIVERSE dedicated to authentic, contemporary WUXIA ENTERTAINMENT


Awaken the Hero in everyone!


Immortal is the global home for the Wuxia genre

About Immortal

Immortal is an original content studio dedicated to awakening the hero within each of us. We take a modern approach to the Wuxia tradition to share stories of empowerment, self-discovery and connection with the world around us.

The martial arts fantasy genre, or Wuxia, is an embracing one. Though founded in ancient traditions, we believe the genre represents values critical to modern times. While our heroes certainly have "superpowers," these abilities are founded on the concept of qi, and are acquired through self-cultivation, training, willpower, and connecting to Nature/spirit. This means that literally everyone can become a hero. We want to create content that inspires discovery because we believe in each of us is a hero waiting to be awakened or reawakened.

  • Our goal is to take Wuxia to the global mainstream. We want to do this with an authenticity and respect of the tradition that we believe is missing in other representations of the genre and by interacting with contemporary ideas and situations.

  • It is also very easy to overly indulge in the martial component of Wuxia where there is just endless fighting, revenge and violence. Here, while we absolutely are committed to great martial capabilities, we want to “elevate” the genre by including the chivalrous, the self restraint, the anonymity, and transformation of the genre – ultimately the “Xia” archetype that has been missing from Wu (Martial)  xia (Hero).

  • We are also founded on principles of radical fan engagement. We believe community is critical to process of creating stories and the power of the communities to take those stories to the world. Thus our goal is to cultivate a community of fans that embody the ideals of Wuxia, inspire them to seek their own stories and even take part in the Immortal Storyverse.

  • Ultimately, we envision Immortal as a lifestyle, an attitude and spirit, dedicated to the bringing about an environment for service, empowerment, representation, empathy, authenticity and enlightenment. Even though we are a company, the underlying reason for our existence is to elevate and unite our world in positive action through stories and culture through. We believe our vision for Wuxia can uniquely accomplish just that.

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Immortal's Mission


  • Creation of an authentic and transformational Wuxia universe for the world through a vibrant direct to audience approach encompassing content, lifestyles and products.

  • Awaken the Hero (Xia) in Everyone. To cause the remembrance of our inherent nobility as to undertake actions that are of benefit to oneself, and the world at large.


  • Uniting the East and West – to bring the world together in positive common action through shared heroes and stories.


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