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Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen

Over 300% funded on Kickstarter

Available for Pre-Order.

Shipping September 2021.  

  • Double-sized Issue: 48 pages

  • Written by Peter Shiao

  • Art & Cover by Pop Mhan

  • Letters by Deron Bennett

  • Printed on 80 lb paper stock with a 100 lb glossy cover

Remembering the Hero Within


A young man’s heroic awakening into an ancient order of supernatural warriors who are charged with protecting the world but face a devastating, new civil war. 

In the second title of the Immortal Storyverse, we are introduced to the Immortal Swordsmen who have served as a hidden vanguard of humanity in a time when the great RECKONING is tearing the world – and them – apart. This comic book adaptation of Shiao Yi’s classic Wuxia novel, Immortal Hero, by his son, Immortal founder Peter Shiao, swaps the ancient mystical mountains for today’s urban jungles, and brings the timeless Immortal journey of cultivation to today’s psyche.


This time, the supernatural weapons, mysticism and enlightenment of the Immortals are met with the prowess of tomorrow’s technologies wielded by those who have not ‘earned’ them, coming together in a world that can only be described as the ANCIENT FUTURE.

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Phil Du has always felt a yearning in his heart for something so awe-inspiring and indescribable that it overwhelms him, but his life in the real world has only been filled with struggle, confusion and chaos. Even though he has found solace as an urban parkour and an alter-ego as “Ironpond” in a virtual fantasy game – his visions of infinite freedom, even immortality – have simply been the unreachable dreams of a confused young man.


His growing troubles and the appearance of Jade Swallow, an alluring, ever-present figure who appears– even in his virtual world – and always remains just out of his reach, pushes IronPond Du to face his conviction to pursue a hidden Immortal Cave in real life and in game with his esports team, Brickhouse, that promises answers and powers.


All of this coincides with the disappearance of LA Chinatown restauranteur Frank Fat along with many other strange, unexplained deaths happening around the city, and Ironpond Du suddenly finds himself in the middle of a brewing civil war between supernatural warriors who have splintered apart -- perhaps as someone who will tip the scales.

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