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  • 100 Ways by Jackson Wang - 3 minutes of Wuxia

    Anyone interested in the wuxia genre, or great pop music, should check out 100 Ways. Everything from the choreography (by the Kinjaz) to the directing (by Daniel Cloud Campos) of 100 Ways is incredibly polished. In a mere three minutes, Jackson Wang tells the story of an ancient warrior (Jackson Wang), unjustly slain by a jealous prince. The video begins with four soldiers using a sequence of taoist-style hand seals. These hand seals are a very common way cultivators cast spells in wuxia media, and were the basis of Kuji-In - the hand signs used by ninjas - after they were brought to Japan. Image source: Through the ninjas' efforts, they raise their leader from his grave and escort him through a dark, colorless forest to the single spot of light and color left to them - the resting place of the ancient warrior’s beloved. Reunited in death, the two sink back into the earth, their souls finally at peace. S. Howie Immortal Staff

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Essential Wuxia Review

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been heralded as a Hollywood Wuxia movie, so it should come as no surprise that it’s at the top of the charts on our Essential Wuxia. I gave it a Gold Ranking of 15 out of 15, here's why: Is Shang-Chi a Wuxia Hero? I gave this section a 8 out of 8. Shang-Chi goes out of his way to protect the other passengers on the bus, even though it ends up with him losing his mother’s keepsake. To me, this was a clear example of an altruistic hero. His kindness and generosity were also exhibited early in his interactions with Katy’s grandmother. Image source: Shang-Chi’s individualism is clear in the way he tries to break free of the path his father had planned for him. This also clearly demonstrates his dedication to justice. When Shang-Chi realizes his father is completely in the wrong, he takes a stand and fights his father head-on in the climatic battle of the movie. Image source: Loyalty was a difficult one. Abandoning his sister as a child was a pretty significant hurdle for the two of them to overcome, but over the course of the movie it felt like the two reconciled for the sake of their mother, and her teachings. To do so, they both head into real danger, which took a lot of courage Image source: Similarly, Katy and Shang-Chi don’t hesitate to tell the truth about what happened. And let’s be honest brag session at the end of the movie was pretty amazing; it definitely left the audience on a high note, and easily checks the Honor and Fame box Image source: Is the movie Essential Wuxia? I gave this section a 7 out of 7. Shang-Chi, Katy, and Xialing prove that with training and determination, anyone can be a hero. All three of them struggle with complex feelings about their parents, and balk from what society expects of them; each of them resolve these inner struggles in different ways throughout the course of the movie, eventually finding peace with who they are and finding their own path through the world. Image source: As they travel through the hidden worlds of the Ten Rings society and the Ta Lo, we can easily check off all the essential settings for a Wuxia movie. When Shang-Chi meets Ying Nan (his aunt), she picks up his training where his mother had left off, helping him find a different way of fighting besides what his father had beaten into him. Image source: There are some fantastic weapons and armor that the heroes pick up in Ta Lo, not to mention the giant soul-sucking demon trying to kill everyone, so I feel pretty safe checking off the weapons category and life-energy/sorcery box too! Essential Wuxia Score: 15/15! Let us know what you thought of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings in the comments below! by S. Sifton Immortal Staff Sources:

  • Is it Essential Wuxia?

    What Makes a Wuxia Hero? We sat down and put together a list about what qualities are the most essential to us when it comes to good Wuxia heroes, or heroines. A hero does not have to have all these traits, and they may have many other good qualities besides the ones we picked out. What qualities do you look for in your heroes? 1. Altruism – caring for others even when you must risk yourself to do so; helping someone without reward is morally right, helping someone and refusing any reward is altruistic. 2. Justice – doing what is right even when those you care for are in the wrong; an unassailable sense of fair play. 3. Individualism – not following the conventions of society, but instead making your own path. 4. Loyalty – having faith in those that believe in you; standing by your friends, even when your family tries to tear you apart. 5. Courage – knowing that the dangers involved may be more than you can handle, knowing you may be risking your life, but doing what’s right regardless. 6. Truthfulness – you say what you mean, and mean what you say; you keep your promises, and will not betray someone’s trust. 7. Honor and Fame – you want others to think highly of you; you want to be renowned, but only for your good deeds and character. 8. Generosity – living humbly while giving sacrificially; for your friends, and those in need, “what’s mine is yours.” Essential Wuxia Checklist. We've also put together a list of our favorite essential elements of Wuxia stories! Again, a Wuxia story does not have to do all of these to be a good story, and similarly there are many other elements that are commonly found in Wuxia stories; these are just the parts we felt were essential. Take a look, I bet there’s a lot more Wuxia-inspired stories out there than you'd think: 1. Everyone can be a hero! Male or female, young or old, able-bodied or disabled, everyone can be a Wuxia hero. You don’t have to be a Chosen One, you don’t have to be born with special powers. 2. Empowerment & self-discovery – Our heroes work through internal hardships to overcome mental obstacles and social hardships. They realize their potential to be a hero through the acceptance of their own selves. 3. Hero constantly improves – By overcoming external trials, our heroes work step-by-step towards their goals. Even if they fall, they pick themselves up and keep going. 4. Weapons & martial arts – Whether with a sword, a fan, a chain whip, or your fists and feet, sometimes you need to take a stand for what is right. 5. Chi or life energy – This force is within everyone, and with training it can be used to do incredible things. Wuxia heroes can use it to walk on water, or fly across mountaintops. 6. Cultivation & sorcery – By honing your inner energy, you can reach godhood. Or you can summon demons, whatever floats your boat. 7. Deals with hidden worlds & secret societies – Sometimes you need to withdraw from the world to train, and sometimes you need to defeat a secret group trying to take over the world. In the coming weeks, we are going to be reviewing some popular modern movies and TV series to see how much they overlap with these elements of Wuxia. Please send us your suggestions on which titles we should do, and take a look at the badges below: Sources: James J.Y. Liu. The Chinese Knight-Errant. London, 1967.

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  • Immortal Studios | Home for Modern Wuxia Stories for Martial Arts Fantasy Fans

    What is Wuxia? Shiao Yi's Library What is Wuxia? 1/5 OUR COMICS & MERCH Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen - POSTER by Bernard Change Price $25.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1 - PRINT Price $17.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1 - PRINT: Bernard Chang variant cover Price $19.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen - POSTER by Bernard Change Price $25.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1 - PRINT Price $17.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1 - PRINT: Bernard Chang variant cover Price $19.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen - POSTER by Bernard Change Price $25.00 Pre-order Quick View Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1 - PRINT Price $17.00 Quick View The Adept #1 - PRINT Price $7.00 Digital Quick View The Adept #1 - DIGITAL Price $5.00 Quick View The Adept #1 - PRINT: Sam Beck variant cover Price $7.00 Quick View Sasha True Concert T-Shirt Price $20.00 Quick View The Adept #1 - PRINT Price $7.00 Digital Quick View The Adept #1 - DIGITAL Price $5.00 Quick View The Adept #1 - PRINT: Sam Beck variant cover Price $7.00 Quick View Sasha True Concert T-Shirt Price $20.00 NEWS 2 days ago Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Essential Wuxia Review Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been heralded as a Hollywood Wuxia movie, so it should come as no surprise that it’s at the... 2 days ago Is it Essential Wuxia? What Makes a Wuxia Hero? We sat down and put together a list about what qualities are the most essential to us when it comes to good... 6 days ago Join us today as UCLA Celebrates the Shiao Yi Wuxia Collection Please join us on ZOOM as UCLA celebrates Shiao Yi's Wuxia Collection at the UCLA East Asian Library, Thursday October 14th at 12pm PST... Oct 1 Wuxia? What’s that? Recently, we’ve been hearing this word thrown around a lot, first with Disney’s live action Mulan remake last year and Shang-Chi and the... Sep 28 The 10 Rings of Shang-Chi WARNING-SPOILER ALERT! Please watch Shang-Chi before reading this article. By S. Howie Immortal Staff The very first things audiences... Sep 14 Mythical Creatures of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings WARNING-SPOILER ALERT! Please watch Shang-Chi before reading this article. By Samantha Howie Immortal Staff In Shang-Chi and the Legend... Jun 1 Entire Immortal Creative Team Gather Together on a Special Panel One of the biggest and most memorable highlights from last week's Amplifying AAPI Representation in Entertainment 7 Media Summit was the... May 28 Chloe Bennet and Peter Shiao talk at Amplifying AAPI Summit Chloe Bennet had an in-depth conversation with Immortal Studio's Founder/CEO Peter Shiao to wrap up our full day event, Amplifying AAPI... 1 2 3 4 5 INSIDE WUXIA Immortal is dedicated to creating stories in the martial arts fantasy genre known as Wuxia & bringing it to the global pop culture stage. We are bringing this beloved classic genre into the 21st century & introducing it to mainstream audiences by creating an interconnected storyverse of heroes, fantasy action, kung fu & empowerment. Artwork - Immortal Storyverse Artwork - Immortal Storyverse Artwork - Immortal Storyverse Artwork - Immortal Storyverse 1/7 INVEST in IMMORTAL Why Investors Invested in Immortal Studios INSIDE IMMORTAL STUDIOS The Adept Kickstarter Campaign Video The Adept Co-Creator Q&A: Tasha Huo Drawing The Adept Yishan Li Draws Sasha True Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen Kickstarter Campaign Video Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen Animated Cover Drawing Immortal Swordsmen Bernard Chang Draws Variant Cover more videos OUR COMMUNITY Our Fans - Read their Reviews Out of gallery Our Squad - Premier Martial Artists Who Support Immortal's Mission Out of gallery Our Events - Fan Engagement Amplifying AAPI Representation in Entertainment & Media Summit - May 26, 2021 Live Reading of The Adept Immortal and Shaolin Masters discuss the Shaolin Temple's Mysticism & Legends

  • Team | Immortal Studios

    Meet the Immortal Leadership team and our Advisors and Partners . LEADERSHIP TEAM PETER SHIAO Founder and CEO Peter is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, leading Immortal Studios in creating a new story universe to awaken the hero within everyone and defining a new business model centered around direct user engagement. Peter has a decades long career leading innovative entertainment and media ventures between the East and West, and has been active in empowering underserved communities. Peter’s favorite past time as a boy was reading Chinese Wuxia novels (many of them written by his father Shiao Yi who is an accomplished author in the genre), and drawing these martial heroes he read about. Because of these stories, he aspired to be a modern day Xia, the transcendent martial Knight who mastered themselves, and stood for righteousness and justice in a world of great stakes, poetry, romance and consequence. Peter pivoted from politics to a new career in media as a means of expressing his mission for social transformation through stories. He feels incredibly blessed to come full circle back to his original love with Immortal. In his own words. LEE HUANG Head of Product Lee is our Head of Product, leading product design and development, eCommerce and digital innovation. He loves living at the intersection between business and technology. Lee has held senior positions at NBC Universal, Barnes&Noble, Nielsen Business Media (The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard) and Hachette Book Group, where he led digital strategy and technology, designed award-winning websites and products, and managed innovation programs and global expansion. ​ Lee connected with Immortal after he led a workshop titled "Why You Need Bruce Lee to Lead Your Corporate Innovation." He highly recommends everyone watch one of his favorite movies, "Swordsman II", an amazing Wuxia film starring Jet Li and Brigitte Lin. Lee believes in Immortal's meaningful mission which will have a very positive impact on individuals and society. HANK KANALZ Head of Publishing Hank Kanalz has over 33 years of experience in the comics and entertainment industry. He’s worked at WarnerMedia and DC for 25 years, most recently as Senior Vice President of Publishing Strategy & Support Services for DC. Hank developed comprehensive content plans for both print and digital publishing across DC’s imprints, and oversaw DC’s talent services, marketing, sales, publicity, and creative services departments. Hank was first approached to join Immortal’s Advisory Board. After immersing himself in the team’s vision and goals, he signed on to lead their publishing efforts, aligning with the mission to unlock the hero inside everyone. ROBERT POWERS Director of Strategy Robert is our head of strategy, guiding the strategic initiatives for growth and innovation. Prior to Immortal Studios, Robert worked for Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox in analytics and strategy integrating and developing emerging technologies such as 5G and VR into studio operations. Robert started in the industry an intern for Sony Pictures while running a theater company and has worked across many facets of the industry, including some time in China. He continues to find inspiration from storytellers of all manner. Robert joined Immortal because he is inspired by new movements to redefine the relationship between content creation and fan engagement and believes that Immortal’s elevated approach to genre and its message of empowerment is the ideal messenger. GENE CHING Associate Editor & Action Director Gene Ching is a 32nd generation layman disciple of the original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. He was the publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi, the largest American newsstand magazine exclusively dedicated to Chinese martial arts, until it ceased publication in 2020. Gene continues to publish their website at He is the author of Shaolin Trips, as well as over a thousand articles and over 200 videos on martial arts. Gene is also a certified Provost master at Fencing by the USFCA and the US Army ROTC. He starred in the TV show Man at Arms: Art of War with Danny Trejo, a reality show where historical and fantasy weapons were made and tested. He is still an avid practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong. CARL POTTS Storyverse and Editorial Advisor Carl is a leader in the comic world, and was a former editor in Chief of Marvel Entertainment who oversaw multiple divisions, top franchises, and IP creation, and was also known as a discoverer and nurturer of talent. ROBERT WU Senior Financial Advisor Robert advises the company on its fund raising and other financial and corporate matters. He has extensive finance experience including investment banking, private equity, and corporate advisory with major institutions like Chase, Prudential, Oppenheimer, and UBS. He has also been CFO of several media start-ups including Orb Media Group, Inc. As a modern Taoist teacher and author of the book “So Now So Tao: A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth”, he is an advocate of the underlying Wuxia philosophy. He strongly believes that there is a hero in everyone—it just needs to be brought out. ADVISORY BOARD Immortal is proud to have an amazing group of advisors and appreciative of their expertise and support. Adam Breivis - Digital Producer for Disney and NBC. Transmedia marketer. ARG and mobile game content developer. ​ Arthur Chan - Award winning brand builder and marketer - co-founder of FC&A, clients include all major Hollywood studios and indies. Benjamin Chang - Serial entrepreneur, technologist, CEO of Skale Education. Bernard Chang - Leading Marvel & DC artist and former Disney Imagineer. Sandy Climan – President of Entertainment Media Ventures, founding Head of CAA’s corporate representation practice. Lindsay Conner - Attorney and chair of the entertainment practice at Manatt, Phelps and Philipps. Mike Corrigan - Corporate strategist, former head of entertainment and media at Pricewaterhouse and CFO of MGM Pictures. Dan Dingh – Co-Founder and CEO of TSM. Andre Fonseca - Digital marketer/co-founder of FC&A. As former VP, Digital for Disney oversaw major Disney titles including Marvel and Pixar. ​ Rafe Fogel - Media and content investor. Investor/board members in Legendary Pictures. Village Roadshow. and Studio Canal. ​ Jack Gao - CEO of Smart Cinema, past International CEO of Wanda, Head of News Corp and Microsoft in China. ​ Jeff Gomez – CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment. Jeff Matt Leaf – Former Co-Head of Motion Pictures Business Affairs at CAA. Lilly Lee - Master calligrapher, lettering designer, uber connector. Patrick Lee - Founder and former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes. Stu Levy - Founder of TokyoPop, vanguard content company that established the market for Japanese manga in North America. ​ Justin KJ Lin - General manager of Tencent's Fanbyte, Chief Strategy Officer of Firefly Web Games. Benny Luo - Founder/CEO of Next Shark, largest Asian and Asian American news & information portal in market today. Rachel McAllister - Head of MPRM Communications, whose clients have included Disney, Netflix, and Skybound. Andrew Ooi - Global Asian talent manager and producer. CEO of Echelon management. Jack Pan - Leading theatrical and direct to consumer marketing executive at Disney, Summit, STX, and Global Road. Rick Porras - Co-Producer for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy; New media storytelling consultant for Video for Sony. Steven Ray - Music, film, connected technologies executive and executive producer. Charlie Stickney - Independent comics maven, co-publisher of Scout Comics, creator of White Ash. Mike Tankel - Leading marketing and engagement strategist, who works with brands to deliver memorable and sticky brand solutions. ​ Rizwan Virk – Head of MIT Game Lab and Author of the Simulation Hypothesis. Michael Vorhaus - Digital, gaming, and new media expert with 25 years experience building a consulting and research practice at Magid before starting Vorhaus Advisors. ​ Thomas Vu – Head of Franchise Development at Riot Games. Andrew Walters - CSO for RSVD, Former Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at MGM. Bill Wong – Principal, Bill Wong LLC. Former Chief of Staff to California State Legislature and California State Assembly. Brian Wong – Chairman of Radii and former Group VP of Alibaba. ​ ​ PARTNERS Immortal Studios is proud to have strategic partnerships with industry leaders that support our Storyverse and our Mission !

  • | Immortal Studios

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