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"Absolutely fantastic! I'm hooked." - Stephen

    "I loved it!! It was fun and spunky! I can't wait for issue no.2!" - Diane

    "Great looking book!" - Don

    "Really love The Adept!" - Ed

    "Great stuff!" - Alvin

    "Whoo! Excellent work! Can't wait to see what's next." - Michael


    "Got my book today and it looks great!" - Maikel

    "Within the first few pages we have a female protagonist who hates crowds, a concert, a mysterious Kung Fu warrior, and a conspiracy with the venue’s security. Well I’m intrigued!!” – Mike

    "The Adept really lives up, it has so much mystery to it, what is the meaning of Amy's Dreams and her Master? What is the Rift between her and Amy sister? What is the importance of Sasha? And Who is the Villain in this series? So many questions, that I'm dying to know!" - Justin

    The Adept #1 - Digital

    • Product Info

      A young woman with a broken past. The Shaolin Master who visits her dreams. A modern story of transformation and kung fu. THE ADEPT's first issue tells the deep and personal story of a young woman who begins a journey to become the adept to an ancient martial tradition which has been lost to the ages

      • Written by Tasha Huo and Charlie Stickney
      • Art by Yi-Shan Li
      • Letters  by Deron Bennett
      • Double-sized Issue: 48 pages
      • Digital edition delivered as PDF

      To ensure authenticity, all the martial arts fight scenes in The Adept were choreographed by Immortal's Action Choreographer, Gene Ching, a 32nd generation layman disciple of the original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. He was also the publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine.

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