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Wuxia Games: Where Winds Meet

What is the coolest part of wuxia? Is it the earth-shattering martial arts? The mystical techniques and spells? Or could it be the intrigue between clans in an ever-growing game of one-upmanship? The trailer for Where Winds Meet is what happens when you combine all the best aspects of wuxia with the aesthetics of Ghosts of Tsushima.

Set in the Northern Song Dynasty of Ancient China, Where Winds Meet is an open-world RPG where you play as a lone swordsman in a time of great turmoil, standing at the crossroads between violence and morality. While not much story is revealed as of yet - this trailer is almost all of the information currently released about the game - a lot of the systems we see on-screen in Where Winds Meet just scream classic wuxia in a way any martial arts fan could not ignore. From the smoothly animated hand-to-hand combat to the exciting leaps across rooftops, everything about it was precisely designed to appeal to anyone with a love of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Despite how masterfully-crafted the trailer is, this is the first game developed by Everstone, whose only prior game experience seems to be with running the Chinese servers of several Blizzard games. Although they’re supported by NetEase, who created Naraka: Bladepoint among other things, the trailer sets an incredibly high bar. If the company pulls it off well, there is no doubt it could easily become a serious fan favorite.

While there’s no current release date, expect it no sooner than late 2023 at earliest.

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By S. Howie
Immortal Staff
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