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A Conversation with Asian Creatives in Entertainment: #StopAsianHate

We hosted an amazing webinar with our friends at Wizard World.

Our panel of Asian actors and artists had an in-depth and honest conversation about our current environment and how those in the media arts may affect positive change in the entertainment industry, both in front and behind the cameras.​

  • Osric Chau - Actor/Producer (Supernatural, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Halo 4)

  • Megan Lee - Actor/Singer (Make It Pop, SWAT, Murmur)

  • Ludi Lin – Actor (Mortal Kombat, Aquaman, Power Rangers)

  • JuJu Chan Szeto - Actor (Wu Assassin, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2)

  • Ron Yuan - Actor/Director (Mulan, Marco Polo, Sons of Anarchy)

  • Peter Shiao – Founder/CEO of Immortal Studios

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