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Podcast: Sinica Talks with Immortal Founder, Peter Shiao.

"This week on Sinica, Kaiser chats with the Los Angeles–based film producer Peter Shiao about his vision of bringing wuxia 武侠 — a genre that tells stories of chivalrous martial artists with supernatural abilities — to global audiences through comics, graphic novels, and films. The son of renowned martial arts novelist Shiao Yi (蕭逸 Xiāo Yì), who passed away in 2018, Peter wants to create a wuxia storyverse that will be to Chinese martial arts literature what the Marvel Comics Universe has been to the superhero genre."

8:34: Bringing wuxia to mainstream audiences

12:27: Wuxia as a contribution to global pop culture 18:11: Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen  28:30: Regional differences in wuxia writing and appeal

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