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100 Ways by Jackson Wang - 3 minutes of Wuxia

Anyone interested in the wuxia genre, or great pop music, should check out 100 Ways. Everything from the choreography (by the Kinjaz) to the directing (by Daniel Cloud Campos) of 100 Ways is incredibly polished.

In a mere three minutes, Jackson Wang tells the story of an ancient warrior (Jackson Wang), unjustly slain by a jealous prince. The video begins with four soldiers using a sequence of taoist-style hand seals. These hand seals are a very common way cultivators cast spells in wuxia media, and were the basis of Kuji-In - the hand signs used by ninjas - after they were brought to Japan.

Through the ninjas' efforts, they raise their leader from his grave and escort him through a dark, colorless forest to the single spot of light and color left to them - the resting place of the ancient warrior’s beloved. Reunited in death, the two sink back into the earth, their souls finally at peace.

S. Howie
Immortal Staff

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