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" Immortal Studios is kicking off a big part of our goal to be an 'exponential' organization by making it possible for our community to become shareholders of the Company. Ownership in growth oriented global companies has been the purview of the connected few while normal people who help companies become successful just look in from the outside.

With the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, we are changing that by aligning our interests completely with our community, believing that a community engaged media company is going to be far more successful when its customers are also its owners.


So if you care about what we are doing, have a passion for entertainment, Wuxia and martial arts fantasy, and want to be part of awakening the hero in everyone through Immortal, then join us to build a new global entertainment studio together. If that sounds exciting to you, I want to personally invite you to become a founding shareholder in Immortal by participating in our first ever crowd equity campaign, beginning at just $100. Please our Wefunder page if this is right for you.


We are entering a very exciting period of expansion and growth and we invite you to join us."

Love and respect,

Peter Shiao

Founder and CEO, Immortal Studios

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  1. We're building a martial arts fantasy universe to become the next Marvel

  2. Exclusive rights to the 60+ IP library of top Wuxia creator Shiao Yi with 30+ films/tv produced

  3. Funded first comic book in 3 hours on Kickstarter with proven product-market fit

  4. Sales of $35K in 1st Kickstarter campaign; additional $40K expected by year end from 2nd campaign

  5. Founding team includes veterans from Marvel, DC, Shaolin Temple and Hollywood studios

  6. Hollywood is hungry for genre IP based offerings with comparable deals with 9-10 digit exits

  7. Proved out comic-first engagement model for safe, cost-effective, and exponential value creation

  8. Focused on large global market that includes US and China

Watch these videos of our Investors share why they are so excited about Immortal Studios and have invested in us.

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Immortal Investor - Stu Levy.jpg
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