Mythical Creatures of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

WARNING-SPOILER ALERT! Please watch Shang-Chi before reading this article.

By Samantha Howie
Immortal Staff
In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Shang-chi finds himself competing against his father to find his mother’s birthplace, the mythical Ta Lo Village. Faced with the might of his father’s entire army, as well as the frightening man himself, and locked in the dungeon’s of his father’s compound, all hope seemed lost. That was, until they heard a strange sound, like the pounding of metal and a monstrous wail. They found, deep in their cell, a man - an acteur - and his little six-legged, four-winged friend.

Now, this is the point where, much like our protagonists themselves, the audience might have looked at fuzzy little Morris and wondered, “What? What is that? Where’s its face?” Morris is but the first of many traditional Chinese creatures to grace the Wuxia-influenced film! People unfamiliar with Chinese legends might be asking themselves “What am I looking at?” Well, we have answers, so read on!

1. Dijiang/Morris

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To begin with, Morris the faceless creature, is something known as a “Dijiang”, which were originally described in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, an ancient bestiary of Chinese monsters. A dijiang is a six legged creature with four wings and no face. They live in a constant state of confusion, and are often tied with the Hundun, primordial chaos. Dijiang are known to enjoy song and dance, despite not having eyes or ears.

2. Fenghuang/Phoenix