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Tarell Bullock

What Does Being a Hero Mean in Your Life?

Being a hero in my life means someone who is a positive role model and positive influence. Someone who shows actions of responsibility, honor, courage, and puts themselves second in most situations. 


Born on August 6, 1993, he began studying Shaolin Kung-Fu/Wushu at the age of three under his father, Master – Tyrone Bullock. At the age of eleven he received his Black Belt, and he received his third degree Black Belt at the age of sixteen. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tarell has taught martial arts and self defense for after school programs. Tarell has done numerous demonstrations, parades, and competitions since he was a child.

Over the years he has won many First Place and Grand Champion awards at tournaments and competitions. Aside from Kung fu, he also enjoys practicing gymnastics, aerial tricks, parkour, stunts, and martial arts tricking/loop-kicking. He had been featured a few times in Hong Kong action star and director Bobby Samuels short films. In late 2018, Tarell joined his film team and started releasing numerous action short films. Including the viral short film "Afro Samurai Champloo" by Team Red Productions. Starring as one of the lead roles Afro Samurai.


Following right after in 2019, Tarell joined Cirque Du Soleil as a Martial Artist, Tricker, and Stuntman. Tarell Bullock is pursuing an acting and stunt career. His focus is to help keep true martial arts alive in the film industry.

Favorite Food

Korean BBQ and Cheesecake

Fun Fact

Likes to create and record music. Specifically Hip Hop, writing his own songs and enjoys playing the drums since middle school. 

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