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Megan Le

Actress and Martial Artist

Medical Police (Netflix), Stumptown

Instagram: @MissMeganLe


Megan Le is an actress, stuntwoman and martial artist based in Los Angeles. She recurs heavily as Agent Tran in the Netflix series "Medical Police." Other recent credits include "Stumptown," "NCIS:LA" and the soon-to-be released film "Daughter." Recent stunt credits include "Westworld," "Hawaii Five-0," "Marvel's The Eternals," and "Bright."


She holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo from Master Simon Rhee, runs her charity organization AIM: Artists in Motion, is a producer at her production company Five Fingers Media and is mom to her 3 year old daughter and french bulldog, Mabel.  She definitely has that soft but strong thing going on. 

What Does Being a Hero Mean in Your Life?

A hero is somebody who is open and vulnerable enough to really listen other people and find out what those people need, and to do, sometimes, the hard thing in order to see those needs be met.

Favorite Food

Pancakes. I love them so much that I mostly reserve them for my birthday and Christmas morning every year.

Fun Fact

I am a journal and planner nerd and I have kept hard copy journals and planners since middle school.




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