The people who work at Immortal Studios share the vision and values of our community. 

Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything Immortal Studios stands for – empowerment, courage, and self-discovery. We are so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.



Founder & CEO

Peter is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, leading Immortal Studios in creating a new story universe to awaken the hero within everyone and defining a new business model centered around direct user engagement. Peter has a decades long career leading innovative entertainment and media ventures between the East and West, and has been active in empowering underserved communities.

Peter’s favorite past time as a boy was reading Chinese Wuxia novels (many of them written by his father Shiao Yi who is an accomplished author in the genre), and drawing these martial heroes he read about. Because of these stories, he aspired to be a modern day Xia, the transcendent martial Knight who mastered themselves, and stood for righteousness and justice in a world of great stakes, poetry, romance and consequence. Peter pivoted from politics to a new career in media as a means of expressing his mission for social transformation through stories. He feels incredibly blessed to come full circle back to his original love with Immortal.


Director of Content

Emma is our Director of Content and Creative, guiding creative development and production at Immortal Studios, where she has been instrumental in the formation of the Immortal Storyverse.  

Emma’s earliest passions led her to pursue a career as a cross-border content executive in Hong Kong, China, Japan and her native UK. She’s had coverage in every part of the content development-financing-production-distribution process across multiple mediums including film, documentaries, short form content and live festivals & exhibitions. Now she’s taking some of her more illuminating experiences in the East and using them to help shine a light on unexpected heroes through shaping and sharing their stories.


Director of Strategy

Robert is our head of strategy, guiding the strategic initiatives for growth and innovation. Prior to Immortal Studios, Robert worked for Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox in analytics and strategy integrating and developing emerging technologies such as 5G and VR into studio operations. 

Robert started in the industry an intern for Sony Pictures while running a theater company and has worked across many facets of the industry, including some time in China. He continues to find inspiration from storytellers of all manner. Robert joined Immortal because he is inspired by new movements to redefine the relationship between content creation and fan engagement and believes that Immortal’s elevated approach to genre and its message of empowerment is the ideal messenger.


Digital Marketing Manager

Natalie is our Digital Marketing Manager, bringing social media and e-commerce experience to Immortal Studios. She leads the company's social media, branding, and website UI, elevating Immortal Studios to new fans around the world and deepening engagement with our existing community.  

Prior to Immortal Studios, Natalie was the Designer and Creative Director at KE'ALA BIKINIS, the leading swimwear brand made to empower the small busted woman. Natalie is also a 200 hour yoga instructor, whose intention is to inspire an accepting global community through movement and creativity. Natalie joined Immortal Studios because she hopes to empower a culture that has been underrepresented, and hopes to serve as a resource for cultivating vitality in mind, body, and spirit through meaningful community engagement. 

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