THE ADEPT's first issue tells the deep and personal story of a young woman who begins a journey to become  the adept to an ancient martial tradition which has been lost to the ages. It is a story of action, transformation and mystery, but at its core it is about homecoming. And what’s homecoming without a chance for redemption? And you know what ALWAYS comes with redemption…?


KUNG-FU - ok not always. But ours does!

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off this limited series, the first in the Immortal interconnected Wuxia content universe.


Welcome to THE ADEPT!


Story Content:  Peter Shiao

Writers:  Tasha Huo, Charlie Stickney

Artist:  YiShan Li

Letterer:  Deron Bennett

Variant Cover Artists:  Zi Xu (#1) Sam Beck (#2)

Genre:  Action/Adventure

Digital Publication Date:  September 2020

Printed Publication Date: October 2020

Format:  48 pages

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