Immortal Advisory Board 


The Immortal team is proud to have an amazing group of advisors and very appreciative of their on-going guidance, expertise and support that they provide.


Adam Breivis – Digital Producer for Disney and NBC. Transmedia marketer, ARG and mobile game content developer.


Arthur Chan – Award winning brand builder and marketer – co-founder of FC&A, previous clients included all major Hollywood studios & indies.


Benjamin Chang - Serial entrepreneur, technologist, CEO of Skale Education.


Bernard Chang - Leading Marvel & DC artist and former Disney Imagineer.

Lindsay Conner – Attorney and chair of the entertainment practice at Manatt, Phelps and Philipps.

Mike Corrigan – Corporate strategist, former head of entertainment and media at Pricewaterhouse and CFO of MGM Pictures.

Andre Fonseca – Digital marketer/co-founder of FC&A, as former VP, Digital for Disney oversaw all major Disney titles including Marvel & Pixar.

Rafe Fogel – Media and content investor, Investor/board members in Legendary Pictures, Village Roadshow, and Studio Canal.

Jack Gao – CEO of Smart Cinema, past International CEO of Wanda, Head of News Corp and Microsoft in China.

Lilly Lee - Master calligrapher, lettering designer, uber connector.

Patrick Lee - Founder of Rotten Tomatoes.

Stu Levy – Founder of TokyoPop, vanguard content company that established the market for Japanese manga in North America.

Justin KJ Lin – General manager of Tencent’s Fanbyte, Chief Strategy Officer of Firefly Web Games.

Benny Luo – Founder/CEO of Next Shark, largest Asian and Asian American news & information portal in market today.

Rachel McAllister – Head of MPRM Communications, whose clients have included Disney, Netflix, and Skybound.

Andrew Ooi - Global Asian talent manager and producer. CEO of Echelon management.

Jack Pan – Leading theatrical and direct to consumer marketing executive at Disney, Summit, STX, and Global Road.

Rick Porras – Co-Producer for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy; New media storytelling video consultant for Sony.

Steven Ray - Music, film, connected technologies executive and executive producer.

Charlie Stickney - Independent comics maven, co-publisher of Scout Comics, creator of White Ash.

Mike Tankel – Leading marketing and engagement strategist, who works with brands to deliver memorable and sticky brand solutions.


Michael Vorhaus - Digital, gaming and new media expert with 25 years experience at Magid before starting Vorhaus Advisors.

Andrew Walters - CSO for RSVD, Former Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at MGM.

Robert Wu - Financial executive, Investment banker. Managing Partner of Oppenheimer China Fund.


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