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We have arrived at a historic moment for AAPIs in America. An unprecedented window where our experiences are on display – with an unusual blend of activated communities, allies and friends showing support and leaning in, many for the first time. That latter part gives hope that this is more than a fleeting moment, but an opening to not only take a stand against violence and overt racism, but to fundamentally shape a new reality where AAPIs take their rightful place in American life.


In a media driven world that projects its own realities onto the masses – that reality begins with being “for” the inclusion of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in entertainment and popular culture of our own making and choosing that begins to dispel the misinformation that is a staple of mainstream culture. This is something that we are “for” that can begin to make permanent the lessons of this moment – to create a new culture where AAPIs are no longer trivialized, exoticized, excluded or stereotyped – and are seen as the multifaceted humans that we are. This can only happen if our stories are told on an unprecedented scale.


The Amplifying AAPI Representation in Entertainment & Media Summit is a free, virtual summit on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 with prominent creators, artists, industry executives, elected officials, tech innovators, journalists and more. We aim to create direct and honest conversations by sharing ideas, elevating awareness and creating a strategic network of all interested parties who have the wherewithal, passion, power and skills to impact how entertainment and pop culture is made, disseminated, understood and magnified. To come together, to support, and most of all, become the positive change that this moment requires. And together, to partner with and request from the industries that produce entertainment and pop culture, to create impactful and lasting changes. 

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