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The current AAPI narrative in response to the epidemic of hate has revolved around pleas for help from allies and pleas to perpetrators to stop hating and hurting us. Unfortunately this approach reinforces the long standing stereotypes of AAPIs as weak and vulnerable...unable to defend themselves. The language of the AAPI community is afflicted with passivity and victimhood: “we’re exhausted”, “we’re scared”, “we are broken”, etc.

The more we repeat this narrative, the further we bury the truth of our true heritage and history, so now is the time to change this narrative. Our heritage and history is rich with heroes and warrior spirit. Real AAPI heroes - past and present - are all around us - mostly unsung heroes, who have overcome extraordinary challenges and formidable foes in the pursuit of justice, love, duty, and honor.

It is time we shine a light on these AAPI heroes and their stories of heroism and celebrate these efforts and recognize their positive and impactful contributions to their neighbors, communities and society - and inspire a life of action and kindle the heroic hearts in the next generation of AAPIs. Our community needs to see the AAPI heroes that came before, the heroes that carry the fight today, and envision the heroes that they will grow up to be. AAPI Heroes is a social activation campaign to reset the AAPI narrative and reclaim our heroic heritage.