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We have arrived at a historic moment for AAPIs (Asian American Pacific Islanders) in America. An unprecedented window of opportunity where our experiences are on display – with a blend of activated communities, allies and friends showing support and leaning in, many for the first time.


That latter part gives hope that this is more than a fleeting moment, but an opening to not only take a stand against violence and overt racism, but to fundamentally shape a new reality where AAPIs take their rightful place in American life. With the urgency of this moment and the opportunity to create meaningful and permanent change, we are proud to organize The AAPI Heroes initiative and invite you to join us and participate.

The AAPI Heroes Initiative

starts May 19, 2021 and is comprised of

Two Free Programs 

Amplifying AAPI Representation

in Entertainment Summit

Amplifying AAPI Heroes campaign

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In a media-driven world that projects its own realities onto the masses – the theme of this AAPI Summit is that we are “for” the inclusion and accurate representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in entertainment and popular culture, and "for" identifying and implementing solutions that dispel the stereotypes and misinformation that is currently a staple of mainstream culture.

The Summit is free, virtual event on Wednesday, May 26

It features prominent AAPI artists, creators, industry leaders, elected officials, innovators and journalists. We aim to open a dialog by sharing ideas, elevating awareness, and creating a strategic network of all interested parties that have the wherewithal, passion, power and skills to impact how entertainment and pop culture is made -- resulting in AAPIs being properly represented at an unprecedented scale.

Virtual Event Schedule

Streamed on Youtube and Facebook.

Guests to be announced very soon.

  • The State of AAPIs in Entertainment & Pop Culture 

  • Greenlighting More AAPI Content 

  • Trailblazers, Disruptors and Innovators: Creating their Own Lanes 

  • Covering AAPIs in America: Perspectives from the News Media 

  • AAPI Faces & Stories 

  • Building an Interconnected Storyverse of AAPI Heroes 

  • What Happens Next? A New Partnership with You, the Community & Allies

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The current AAPI narrative in response to the epidemic of hate has revolved around pleas for help from allies and pleas to perpetrators to stop hating and hurting us. Unfortunately this approach reinforces the long standing stereotypes of AAPIs as weak and vulnerable...unable to defend themselves. 

Now is the time to change this narrative of untrue and damaging stereotypes. We need to bring attention to our AAPI heritage and history that is rich with heroes and warrior spirit. Today, AAPI Heroes are all around us, mostly unsung heroes, doing amazing things and performing selfless acts to help others. We need to proudly bring attention to their strength, determination and courage, and spotlight their significant contributions.

It's time we shine a light on the AAPI heroes in our lives, their stories, and recognize their heroic efforts and positive impact on neighbors, communities and society.

AAPI Heroes is a social activation campaign (launching May 19)

to recognize and celebrate the many unsung AAPI heroes in our lives who are making a difference.

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We are putting the final touches on The AAPI Heroes Initiative.

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