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We believe in the Power of Storytelling & Creation of New Heroes to increase representation, inspire positive action and overcome hate.

Let us banish forever the violence of ill intent, neglect and derision toward Asians from popular culture and with it a permissible environment to harm and disrespect Asians with impunity. To do that as a company, Immortal Studios is “for” the introduction of new heroes, to write a new chapter in the public square where Asians are an integral part of our communities and world.  


​Immortal has been dedicated to creating AAPI heroes in order to cast a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in pop culture, and to telling Wuxia stories of heroism, empowerment, self-cultivation and community. Through the heroes in our comics, like Phil "Ironpond" Du in Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen and Amy in The Adept, we hope our stories serve as a catalyst to awaken the hero within each of us... by inspiring and igniting noble actions that benefit our community and the world at large.


Please join our effort to promote diverse storytelling in comics, film and tv, and correct our culture by including Asian faces, heroes and stories at the forefront of a better, fairer and more beautiful world for all.


We have also assembled an AAPI Resource Guide below for those who are in need of direct assistance and other resources in this moment.


Phil "Ironpond" Du - Hero of

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen

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